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Financial Advising & Planning

Rollover & Relocation Services

  • Changed jobs and need to understand rollover options?

  • Relocated from another state and need an NC Financial Advisor?




Financial Plan Development & Assessment

  • When did you last review and update your Financial Plan?

  • Does your plan meet your financial goals for you and your family?

Retirement Planning & Solutions

  • Have you picked a retirement date and set a budget?

  • Are your Financial Goals and your Investment Portfolio in alignment?

  • When did you last review your investment portfolio?

Small Business Solutions

  • Does the current valuation of your business reflect its true market value?

  • Do you have a Business Succession Plan (i.e Buy/Sell Agreement)?

  • What role will your business play in your retirement plan?

We provide processes and simple forms to help you transition as smoothly as possible 

We offer tools and a complementary assessment to help guide you 

Let our tools and templates help you prepare for your retirement

Our unique blend of consulting expertise and solutions 


I'm Matthew Hurteau and I've been helping individuals and businesses reach their financial goals for over 36 years. If your answers to any of the above questions give you concern, I can help you.

Call me or click on the email below for an initial complementary assessment. 

(919) 556 7355

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